Online marketing


The rapid increase in digital communication enables businesses to engage directly with both domestic and international customers and be visible when these international customers go looking for a specific product or service; whether directly or via endorsement. This is why more businesses are finding that simply having a passive multilingual website is not enough and that targeting and dialogue are more successful in reaching out to raise awareness amongst prospects, and to reinforce relationships with existing customers.

Online marketing includes several initiatives such as banner advertising, directory advertising and category listings. There are also opportunities for pop-ups on related websites, sidebar advertising and online sponsorships. Guest blogs are a great way to gain both credibility and traction and the writing team at PUSH would be happy to undertake this or any other online marketing or content creation task.

Social media is another powerful tool in online marketing and helps create positive dialogue with customers and PUSH will create and schedule your campaign broadcasts for you domestic market and with particular relevance to any local market activities and interests. Our in-house digital marketing specialist will implement your campaign schedules and deliver detailed reporting which outlines activity levels and interaction, broken down by market.

If online marketing is on your agenda please get in touch with us on 44.118.984.1931.