Crafting digital asset management technology


Start with the simple question; what do you need from your digital asset management system. How will you use it? Who will need access to it? What will be stored in it?

Digital asset management works by holding a database of all your marketing communications assets centrally allowing anyone with suitable permission levels to access the materials they need. The system is bespoke as it is designed and configured for your assets and for the needs of your business. Your marcoms assets say a lot about your product, brand or service and having them in a single electronic location accessible to all channels across all global locations is invaluable.

This is especially relevant if multilingual versions are created. It is common practice for local markets to reversion marketing assets as they see fit but this is potentially damaging for your brand as messages can be distilled or even lost if local markets are allowed to adapt the material you have invested in producing.

In order to create digital asset management systems for clients, PUSH work with a team of in-house developers based at the premises of our technology partner Maglabs, who are in turn part of the Magnet Harlequin Group. It’s a natural extension of what we do as much of our work involves actually producing the assets that our clients wish to share with the local markets.

If you want to start a conversation about the benefits of digital asset management systems for your business, get in touch with us by email or call us on 44.118.984.1931.