How can you define transcreation? In English we all know what “Know your Onions” means. But if you’re based in Poland for instance, the statement is meaningless – znać swoje cebuli” means that you are very familiar with your alliums, no more, no less. In order to get the meaning of that phrase communicated to a non English-speaking market, you need more than just translation. What you need is called transcreation.

Transcreation is a blend of content creation and translation. In reality it goes beyond functional translation to deliver reversioned, copy-written advertising, promotional, marketing or brand-related content. Much more than simply translating words from one language to another, transcreation uses writing skills and brand understanding to achieving genuine reader engagement.

A native English copywriter leads our transcreation team. The writer will look at your copy and make a careful assessment of what will be needed to turn your native text into an understandable written statement in overseas markets. We look at what your brand needs to achieve and from this, create a comprehensive brief that can be clearly understood by the in-country teams of writers and transcreators.

These in-country specialists will use their language and local market skills to fulfil the brief, delivering a polished multilingual version of your original content which will meet central and local brand objectives with clarity and precision. It will allow your transcreated brand message to communicate the same depth and meaning as in the domestic market. If you have content that would clearly benefit from transcreation call us for a chat on the next steps. You can call us on 44.118.984.1931 or drop us an email. And yes, we do know our onions!