Subtitles and voiceovers


Gain access to some of the best global voice talent through PUSH International. If you use videos, movies, presentations or films to promote your product, brand and service it’s vital that you have any subtitles and voiceovers professionally translated and integrated.

We have access to some great studios and because of we have years of marketing experience we are used to co-ordinating multilingual training programmes, presentations and promotional movies which utilize international voices designed to position a brand, inform an audience and deliver a message with authority and clarity.

We run all popular post-production and editing softwares, and our studio personnel will skilfully synchronize captions together with visual elements to make sure you have a truly professional product ready for global consumption. And using all this can be available at a significantly lower price that you would pay at a glossy production studio AND without any compromise in quality.

We can also design and print slipcase inserts, duplicate your DVDs, upload your completed presentations to memory devices and distribute your for you.

If you would like to discuss subtitles and voiceovers for projects currently in production please call us on 44.118.984.1931 or email at any time.