Multilingual SEO


International Search Engine Optimization (Multilingual SEO) increases your translated website’s visibility on global search engines allowing customers searching for your product, brand or service to find you when they enter keywords which match your content. Without these keywords and the SEO work, you are likely to have a fantastic looking site … but no traffic to it and no visibility.

Why do I need Multilingual SEO?

Are you investing in website translation? Whether you are considering  a single test market or are about to launch a major multiple-market deployment, without SEO your site will not be visible. This will mean that all the investment into designing and translating your website will not be leveraged. Don’t let that happen; make sure Multilingual SEO is included as part of your website redevelopment strategy from the outset. It’s important that keyword research is carried out at the early stage of translation planning. By working the keywords into the overall content your site will not only read in a natural way to its target audience but the search engines will increase the site’s ranking as the keywords are integral to the site’s content.

How does Multilingual SEO work?

Think of search term translation as powerful market intelligence that goes far beyond just a change of language. Because PUSH runs local teams with local business knowledge who undertake local SEO – we are able to deliver measurable insight and results. If you let us know what your native search terms are we can research how these are interpreted in local markets and ensure that the success of your domestic site is replicated on the multilingual variants.

Multilingual SEO is a complex subject. If you would like more detailed information please call us on 44.118.984.1931 or drop us an email and we’ll get right back to you.