Global brand research


Brand, product and marketing managers develop, nurture and protect the values and attributes of their brand. But it is also their role to promote and raise awareness so customers can begin to develop a relationship with the brand. They do this in the domestic market by undertaking brand research to understand how target customers will respond on an emotional and practical level.

When moving a brand into an overseas market it’s even more important to understand how the new market will react as cultural differences can vary dramatically. Does the name work? Will the audience grasp what the brand values are? What specific objections might a particular market raise? Global brand research will overcome most of the uncertainties and give you a clear focus on how to move forward in every market you plan to target.

PUSH brings simplicity and clarity to the complex task of international brand research by delivering:

  • A UK-based Account Manager with brand management background
  • Input on creating a carefully structured brief
  • A brand research programme implemented by local market specialists
  • Structured reporting with consistent, measurable results from each market
  • In-depth cultural and linguistic appraisal

If you would like additional information on global brand research or have specifics you’d like to discuss please email us or call one of the team on 44.118.984.1931.