The way in which people carry out business, and their professional expectations, differ from country to country. If you are in the process of determining an expansion strategy for your products, brands or services, make sure you understand how you need to interact with prospective customers. Gaining an understanding of how different entrenched cultural attitudes will affect an individual’s or group’s response to your proposition is key to getting your positioning right for the new market.

PUSH International works with local in-country marketing partners to deliver cultural consultancy to UK and US businesses. We also work with overseas businesses looking to launch in the UK. Because we’ve sat on your side of the desk we understand the challenges faced by getting brands into new markets. We are skilled at briefing our local teams on what clients need to determine and providing insight into how the market will perceive your product, brand or service.

If you are planning to launch into new markets using either an ecommerce initiative, a distributor network or directly through your own sales channels, please get in touch with our team as we will be able to use on-the-ground cultural knowledge to get your product, brand or service positioned in a way that will generate a meaningful local customer response. Get in touch with us by email or call on 44.118.984.1931 .