After all the hard work, revision cycles, time and money spent on copywriting, design, photography and even translation if your marcoms is multilingual, make sure your marketing assets don’t fall at the final hurdle.

Print management and repro/print buying can be very complex, not everything can be solved by a high quality digital printer and you may need to use specialist printers with presses and finishing equipment that will give the look and finish your marcoms needs. So if you are printing something more than a single campaign mailshot; something that not only needs to last but also needs to communication the quality and value of your brand, it may well be litho printing you need rather than digital. That’s doubly important if you have to match a corporate colour or want to use a metallic or other specialist finish.

Print is an ever-evolving industry, make sure your business and brand is using the latest and best technology to help achieve not only the highest quality results but the best value for money.

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