Marketing communications


PUSH is a core team of Project and Account Managers who have a significant amount of experience in marketing communications support – especially for brands looking to move into, or consolidate international markets. We’ve sat on your side of the desk and done the job; we know what is involved. Once you have determined your marcoms strategy, be it short, medium or long term, we work with you to start the process of implementation. This can be a multifaceted and complex activity as it typically involves many different elements such as PR, literature creation, design and production, online marketing, campaigns and promotions, sales support material, photography, packaging and perhaps even in-store marketing if you’re working in retail.

Together with our creative services partners we can implement any marcoms project you may need to deploy. You will have a single point of contact who will co-ordinate all necessary members of the team to build a bespoke unit that will respond to your specific project scope. You get to benefit from some of the best designers, writers, photographers and production specialists in the business without the hassle of having to organize everyone yourself!

To discuss upcoming or live projects please call us on 44.118.984.1931 or email us for a fast response.