If you’re pushed for time but need some bite-sized information on translation, then these slideshows are for you. Quick, simple and easy to digest these hints and tips on how to get the best from your translation budget are a must. If you find you need more information that the slideshows can provide please browse the rest of our site or give us a call to discuss specifics. You can get us on 44.118.984.1931 or email us anytime for a quick response.

Slideshows: 5 reasons not to use office staff to translate

It’s tempting to ask your office staff to translate, but who is doing their day job whilst they’re busy with your translation? Don’t risk a rushed and half-completed job that misses your deadline. Talk to the professionals today.

Slideshows: eCommerce translation best practice

When translating or localizing ecommerce website content it’s important to work closely with your chosen vendor. There are many linguistic and technical issues you need to be aware of and early planning and dialogue will avoid costly re-working.

Slideshows: Getting the best from technical translation

Technical translation is process-driven and requires attention to detail from all concerned. Accuracy is vital and the building of terminology glossaries is a key tool to ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Slideshows: How can my social media work cross border

It’s great that the world is getting smaller and ideas and passions are being shared. But it is important to understand that each market will have its own social media protocol and being generic in your approach may not bring the success you hoped for.

Slideshows: How do I know my translation is accurate

Translation quality. It is the one thing clients demand above all else. And quite right too. But we need to carefully define what you want to achieve from your translation before we can define exactly the level of quality which is needed.

Slideshows: How low should you go

Cost vs quality, that eternal conundrum. We do of course appreciate that costs need to be managed but we would argue that if costs are cut too much then quality – and therefore your brand values – will inevitably suffer.

Slideshows: How to achieve true translation consistency

There’s only really one way to ensure consistency. Work with your language services provider to ensure all quality benchmarks are in place before embarking on your translation journey. Initial forward planning will bring extensive rewards as projects progress.

Slideshows: Multi vs mono lingual packaging

The question of whether or not to undertake on-pack translation faces many brand owners. There’s no simple answer; each brand has different customer expectations. Know your customers and your brand and ensure cohesion between the two.

Slideshows: PPC, SEO and keyword translation

Websites are great – they’re a fantastic shop window or great as acting like an online brochure. But they are no good unless your target customer can see them when they search for products or services you offer. That’s the same for domestic and international searches. Be ahead of your competitors by investing in solid online marketing.

Slideshows: Retail brand owners - why translate?

If you’re a retailer currently operating in a domestic market it’s important to recognise that there is a whole world out there which is a potential customer for your products. The question is how to reach them in a way that is affordable and manageable?

Slideshows: Taking a fresh look at machine translation

Machine translation is a hot topic as there are those in the translation industry that refuse to acknowledge it as a viable alternative to human translation. But read on – things are changing in the world of machine translation.

Slideshows: The art of translating training programmes

Training programmes are a balance of factual information and brand inspiration and re-versioning this into non-native languages brings challenges of balance, perspective and accuracy. This is true for both online elearning and paper-based training.

Slideshows: Translation for consumer electronics

PUSH have many years of working on marketing programmes, translation, artwork and copywriting for the consumer electronics sector. We can successfully built teams to fulfil very complex and multifaceted projects.

Slideshows: Why do I need a translation project manager

If you have anything more complicated than a single page, simple document that needs translating into just one language you will need an agency with professional project managers to coordinate workflows and resources.

Slideshows: 5 ways to maximize a translation budget

We know that everyone is working to a budget and we’re used to helping our clients to make their translation as cost-effective as possible. Here are a few simple ways in which you too can benefit from processes that deliver on budget without compromising quality.