Transcreation FAQs

1. I’ve heard this mentioned, but what exactly is ‘transcreation’?

Transcreation is the copywriting of marketing, promotional or advertising text in another language. However it uses a source language as a basis. An example would be the advertising strapline ‘Prolong Active Life’ for the dog food brand, PAL. The acronym is clear in English, but how would that ‘translate’ into another language? The answer is it wouldn’t – not directly anyway. Which is why a copywriter would be needed, they would re-align the meaning and work to create a similar word pattern in their own language. This goes far beyond the remit of a translator but is perfect for PUSH International as our marketing expertise enable us to understand brand objectives and deliver exceptional results time after time.

2. We want to check that our product names will be accepted in our new markets. Can you carry out brand and product name evaluation?

We certainly can. We have in-country teams available at short notice which can carry out brand research, naming and graphics research and provide clear, detailed reporting. Don’t make a move into overseas markets without first understanding the cultural implications of your company name or logo or your product/brand name or identity.

3. I’ve had the copy for my brochure written by a copywriter – surely all I need to do is get it translated?

If you value being able to communicate the detail and subtlety of your brand to overseas customers you need to do much more than just translate. It is a mistake that is often made as the distinction is not made clear at the outset. Copywritten texts will always needs transcreation – and that will involve a copywriter and/or editor working in their own language and country.

4. Do you have designers and artworkers who can adapt materials created by my design agency?

We have our own in-house studio staffed by design-trained creative artworkers. This means that we can respond quickly and professionally to the reversioning of a variety of multilingual materials, both printed and online:

Leaflets, Brochures, Newsletters, Corporate documents, User guides, Manuals, Promotional literature, Packaging (labels, packs, tickets, card inserts, shelf talkers), Websites, Microsites, Intranet, Blogs, Forums, Social media updates and Multilingual keywords.

And if your designers are busy and struggling to meet deadlines we can also undertake creative design work. See here for more information on our design capabilities.

5. Do you understand what I mean by ‘managing my brand values’?

We certainly do. Each brand has its own personality and this is what drives consumer understanding and loyalty. It is important that your brand’s values remain consistent and controlled by you, the brand custodian. When moving into overseas markets it’s key that you understand how your brand will be perceived, and that you continue to maintain control. PUSH International’s in-house marketing specialists will work with you to develop a brief for local teams and will help with the successful transition into new markets – liaising with your in-country offices to facilitate dialogue and understanding.

6. We retail a large number of products into several European markets. Can you localize my packaging?

We have an on-board packaging specialist who works closely with us and helps support our retail clients. We know we have the knowledge and resource to support complex packaging propositions, from materials specification and constructional issues, through to on-pack legislative compliance and resolution of production queries.

We hope our transcreation FAQs have answered all your questions. If there is anything else you would like to know please get in touch by email or call us on 44.118.984.1931.