Technology FAQs

1. Does PUSH use machine translation?

Yes, where the content requiring translation is suitable for MT we will readily use it as it can be a highly effective solution. Obvious examples would be to support email exchange, or social media where fast turnaround translation is required at very low cost, and where the quality of the initial translation is not critical. With the addition of a proofcheck by a specialist linguist, the machine-generated translation can often be used for a wider application with no loss of quality. More FAQ information on MT here.

2. I can get my translation free online so why should I use a language services provider?

If you want to know the basic meaning of a line of text or a web page, an online translation tool such as Google Translate is great. However, for any serious business translation consideration it would be an expensive mistake to rely on anything produced by software.

3. What does ‘leveraging’ mean?

Where there is repetition of text within a document, PUSH can use this to ‘leverage’ the costs downwards. Put simply, the first time a word or phrase appears it attracts the full translation charge, when it appears again it attracts a lower charge as it does not need to be translated but it will need to be checked to ensure it is contextually correct. In principal the greater the level of repetition, the lower the overall project cost.

4. What is Translation Memory?

A Translation Memory is essentially a carefully constructed database of pairs of source and target language texts. The Translation Memory can be used to assist in the translation of future work helping to reduce translation costs and improve quality of translation. PUSH creates Translation Memory for all clients with regular translation needs.

5. What file formats do you support?

PUSH supports a very wide range of file types, running on both Macintosh and PC platforms.

6. What do I need to do to get an accurate quotation to translate my website?

In order to provide you with an accurate quotation we need to have access to the content. Depending on how the website has been built this process can range from ‘very simple’ to ‘quite complex’. It’s practically impossible to achieve a reliable quotation from simply downloading the website. The most effective options are outlined in the answers to question 7.

7. How do I get my website text out and to you for translation?

The answer really depends upon the way in which your website is built. For example, if your website is utilizing a Content Management System you may have the option to export the content as XML, or create a copy deck in Word or in Excel. If it is built in HTML or PHP you can send us the site files. To make life easy why not simply call one of the PUSH team and discuss your needs and we can determine how best to manage the content.

8. How secure is your file transfer?

In short, very secure. The system meets very stringent security criteria. We can provide full security documentation upon request.

If you need additional information not covered in our Technology FAQs, please email or contact us to discuss on 44.118.984.1931.