Security FAQs

1. Will you sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement?

Yes, this is something we are asked to do very often and we are willing to do, as we take the security of client information very seriously. That same non-disclosure is mirrored with our staff and external vendors and regular security audits take place to ensure full and continued compliance.

2. How do I know my documents will be kept confidential?

As mentioned above, in addition to the NDA we sign with our clients, we mirror this agreement with our vendors. Everyone involved in a project loop is bound by the same confidentiality clauses.

3. Do you have professional indemnity?

Yes – we currently have £1,000,000.00 professional indemnity cover.

4. How do you store my information?

Customer data – All customer information is held in our secure, online CRM system. This is password protected and accessed only by certain, authorized PUSH personnel. We never sell, exchange or distribute your contact information. On occasions we may need to share this with vendors, but it is only on a need-to-know basis and doesn’t happen as a matter of course.

Customer files – When you send your documents to PUSH International we will store it on our own servers based at our office locations. They are held within a secure area of the office and accessed by authorized staff and our IT support provider only. Files are transferred using encrypted email, via our secure FTP (compliant with NHSNet security standards) or using our online file transfer system.

Back ups – daily in-office back ups take place. Once your project has been completed it is removed from our servers and backed up on external media. At regular intervals this media is removed from the premises and stored off site in a dedicated storage facility.

5. How can I get files to you for translation and artworking?

PUSH International has a robust email server and there is no limit on the sizes of files we can receive by email. You may also upload files to our file management system which, in addition to file transfer also offers asset management, project tracking and online proofing facilities.

We hope our Security FAQs have covered all the security and confidentiality concerns you may have. If you require more information please contact us via email or call us on 44.118.984.1931.