Quality FAQs

1. How do I know the quality of the translation will be acceptable?

Prior to commencing your translation we endeavour to understand your expectations and then we work towards exceeding them. The translator teams working on your project will have quality standards to achieve and are measured against terminology accuracy, grammatical accuracy, copy style, formatting of document and delivery timescales. These criteria are designed to mirror those stipulated by the client.

2. What is BS EN ISO 9001?

BS EN ISO 9001 is an international quality standard which measures the processes we undertake in the carrying out of our work. We are audited against our published quality manual twice a year.

3. What is EN 15038:2006?

EN 15038:2006 is the translation-specific quality standard which deals with how we achieve a high quality translation. There are different levels of translation quality as texts are used for different purposes and these are all carefully documented. Again, we are audited on how we are performing against our published standards twice a year.

4. Who will check my artwork to make sure everything has been translated?

When we combine translated text with existing artwork the files go through several quality checks before being returned. Firstly, our Studio Manager will review the document against the original artwork for layout style, font compatibility issues and any fit problems that might potentially arise with text expansion. These will be flagged with the artworkers. Once the text has been positioned and finalised the Studio Manager will sign off the artwork and pass it back to the Project Managers who will request the original translator to review the files to ensure all translated text is positioned correctly. Only once we are 100% happy with the file will it be returned to the client.

5. Do you have case studies of work carried out in the past?

Thank you for taking the time to read our Quality FAQs. Yes we do have case studies of past work. Please call 44.118.984.1931 or email us so we can take time to understand what you are looking for. We can then forward you the most relevant case studies or white papers.

4. Can we have some references please?

Of course. Again, we would welcome understanding the nature of your project so the most relevant referees can be advised.