Operational how we work FAQs

1. My company has never commissioned a language services provider. Where do we start?

The best way forward is to speak to us or email us. We can talk you through the process and explain what you need to do; no pressure is applied and our staff are all friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. We will need sight of what you intend to translate, whether that’s a word document, a website or a brochure and from there we will ask lots of questions to enable us to understand your expectations. There are also resource documents available here, which clearly explain the process undertaken.

2. Will I need to have my translation proofread?

All translations produced by PUSH are proofread as part of the basic translation process. However, if you intend to publish the translation then we recommend that a secondary, independent validation is undertaken. By publish we mean, print it, put it on your website or rely 100% on its accuracy.

3. How will you deliver my translation back to me?

However you wish! For documents destined for print it’s usual to deliver back in the format supplied; basic text within a Word file, a PDF or an artworked InDesign file for example. For online applications this can also vary, excel files are popular as are xml, html or php files. The simple answer is – tell us what format you need it in and we will deliver it; our studio runs all commercial software packages.

4. Can you give me back ready-to-print artwork?

Absolutely. We have our own designers and artworkers in-house and we work on multilingual artwork on a daily basis. So whether you’ve got a funky newsletter with lots of complex fonts happening or a highly structured corporate document or even a basic manual with hundreds of pages, talk to us about the solutions we can provide. Many domestic creative agencies don’t want to touch multilingual artwork and charge a premium because of the complexities involved – you’ll find our studio knowledgeable, accurate and cost-effective!

5. Can you print my translated literature?

Our Directors have a combined 50 years + working in the design and marketing fields before moving into language services provision. During this time we have gained extensive experience in buying and managing print services for literature and, packaging.

6. Who manages my project?

We have a team of multilingual, in-house project managers who are skilled in gaining an understanding of client requirements. On the basis of the client brief a team of specialists is assembled and coordinated (linguistic, creative, technical, etc.,). The PM is the daily-to-day point of contact. In addition we have specialist account managers who can discuss targeted areas with you such as artwork, print, packaging, online, research, transcreation etc. And our Directors are always available for meetings where really focused input is required.

7. How should pay you?

We carry out a credit check on all our clients – it is part of our quality process. Depending on the size and duration of your project, we may ask for a partial pre-payment, especially where up-front costs are incurred. However for straightforward projects commissioned by established clients we invoice on completion of the project and offer 30 day terms.

8. Can you translate my marriage certificate?

We’re sorry but PUSH International only work with commercial clients. May we suggest you visit the ITI Website (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) where you will find freelance translator listings. These individuals regularly carry out projects of this nature.

We could have written pages on ‘How we work’ as the operational aspects of translation can be quite complex. If you need more specific information please email us or call on 44.118.984.1931.