Channel marketing FAQs

1. I’m creating content for delivery via my mobile website and apps – can you support my cross-platform translation needs?

PUSH can confidently support new and emerging media as we have excellent technical and marketing understanding of the new media and online arena. We are working with some of the top youth-focused brands who demand high levels of awareness within these fast-moving environments.

2. I promote my business online as well as with conventional direct mail – can you create and manage international versions of my campaigns?

Yes we can! Because we have our own in-house digital studio resource, it’s easy for us to adapt your on- and offline campaigns with relevance and meaning. This is a prime example of how our integrated approach to multilingual solutions moves us from being a traditional language services provider through to a company ideally positioned to support the complex and fast-moving needs of corporates and SMEs with clarity and understanding.

3. I have an e-commerce website with thousands of fast-changing products. What support can you provide?

PUSH deliver expert e-commerce support; from translation of core content through to the planning and implementation of automated translation workflow which allows for the fast updating of your multi-language online store. Our in-house team provides the online marketing (SEO) management, technology and linguistic support that you need to create a really successful on-line presence in multiple markets.

4. I want to have a presence in international social media as my brand is targeted to the market which is active in this area. Can you help me reach these customers?

Because we understand branding and the value of being fully appraised of how your brand will be perceived in a new market, we can work with you to research the customer base, the attitudes, likes and dislikes and the social media conventions in any given marketplace. This will enhance buy-in from the target audience, gaining immediate competitive advantage over other in-coming brands.

Channel marketing is a large and diverse subject. If you need more information than our Channel Marketing FAQs can provide please get in touch via email or on 44.118.984.1931.