BS EN 15038:2006 Management Standard  

PUSH International, the Reading-based translation agency, are delighted to announce that the company has recently achieved certification in the internationally-recognised BS EN 15038:2006 Translation Services Management Standard. The ongoing audit process will consist of two audits per year which comprise internal review (carried out at the 6 month stage), and an annual re-validation audit to ensure that the business complies with the standard’s requirements.

EN 15038-2006 LogoWhat is it?

BS EN 15038 covers the essential processes for providing a translation service. It establishes and defines the translator, their technical resource and the quality of service provided by the agency. Its aim is to outline the service a client will receive within a recognised set of procedures that are carried out to best practice. These procedures are regularly monitored internally and available for clients to inspect at any time.

dictionariesWhat does it means for our clients:

  • Increases customer confidence and gives reassurance to prospective clients that a recognised specialist standard is followed while undertaking translation works
  • Provides assurance that appropriately-qualified staff are employed; both interpreters and translators need to be qualified to undertake tasks in a professional and effective manner and to latest industry standards.

Part of the feedback process from customers will involve the completion of a Customer Satisfaction Survey; a short questionnaire designed to evaluate how the company is performing against the documented standards. These results will help the company follow a path of continual improvement ensuring new and existing customers can be confident that the company is fully compliant with their process of total quality delivery.

For more detailed information on the quality standard, how it works and what difference clients can expect to see, please contact Head of Production, Ken Mealing on +44 (0)118 984 1931.