Translation and Social Media blog

Hooray for Social Media?

You will have noticed that during the last few years everyone’s lives have been touched by social media – even those who are against the proliferation of online communities can’t help but shout about their dislike and distrust of it. But for most, it’s been an opportunity for individuals and businesses to really
experience a different way of keeping in touch. Read more

PUSH Studio Blog – Pushing forward into 2012

Hard at work in the PUSH International studio.Well January has drawn to a close and although it feels like the year has barely begun we have already done a lot of work and made a lot of progress here at PUSH International.

In the PUSH studio, 2012 is the ‘year of the blog’ as we have set up and started feeding into InterNatter, the blog/newsfeed section of our website, where you are probably reading this post. Read more

PUSH Staff Blogs Coming Soon!

We are in the process of setting up a PUSH International staff blog to let you know about all the interesting things that go on here at PUSH. This will include interesting and insightful posts from various members of staff within the company, and also the occasional guest blogger. Watch this space…!