PUSH reaches new quality standards in translation

BS EN 15038:2006 Management Standard   PUSH International, the Reading-based translation agency, are delighted to announce that the company has recently achieved certification in the internationally-recognised BS EN 15038:2006 Translation Services Management Standard. The ongoing audit process will consist of two audits per year which comprise internal review (carried out at the 6 month stage), and an annual re-validation audit […]

Will Machine Translation Ever Beat Human Translation?

The idea of a future where people can communicate effortlessly with each other in different languages, translated perfectly by machines, is a seductive one. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we didn’t have to go to the trouble of learning other languages anymore?

Although machine translation technology is evolving all the time, it’s clear that we haven’t quite achieved this utopian vision yet. But will it ever happen? Read more

5 Good reasons …

Make sure your audience receive the on-brand message YOU intend them to receive. Don’t allow local markets to dilute your message. Reach out to the EMEA region and beyond in a way that keeps your brand message consistent. Whether you’re operating directly from the US into EMEA or working with offices already established in the EMEA region, […]

Chinese language contests open globally

As China’s economy continues to grow, many young professionals are looking to get ahead by learning the most spoken language in the world. To honour those studying the language, the “Chinese Bridge” competition kicked off across the globe. Today, we head to Turkey and South Africa to check out how contestants there are showcasing their Chinese language skills and love of Chinese culture. Read more

Twitter ads get language targeting

Social networking giant Twitter has introduced a new feature that will allow advertisers to target users on its platform based on their language.

It is being seen as the latest step by Twitter to attract more advertisers.

Advertising is the biggest source of revenue for Twitter – accounting for 90% of sales in the first quarter of this year.

The firm already lets advertisers target people by interest, keywords, gender, and geography. Read more

UK firms should go multi-lingual in race for business as Tour de France approaches

Getting the lingo right can turn a website into a tour de force.

Now, with the world’s most prestigious cycle race, the Tour de France, coming to Yorkshire and other parts of the UK, companies have been urged to think beyond just English to increase their revenue.

Two to five million people from all over the world are expected to line the streets of Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex as the competition’s 200 cyclists make their way to London between July 5-6. Read more