Professional translation news: Ericsson signs three-year contract for services in China

Customers in five Chinese cities are set to benefit from telecommunications services from Ericsson – which is headquartered in Sweden – in a move that may have required professional translation, particularly if the brand sought to protect its integrity in the new market.

Ericsson and China Unicom will collaborate for three years with a view to improving the network and transmission to its subscribers in the Anhui province.

Li Chao, general manager of Anhui Unicom, said: "We believe that Ericsson will … help us improve our network efficiency, lower operational costs and fulfil our commitment to the consumers."

Indeed, Mats Olsson, president of Ericsson China and north-east Asia, added that the joint venture will "set a benchmark" in providing its services to the region.

Meanwhile, the Swedish brand has also announced it will deliver a radio access network in Japan with a view to hosting enhanced content to smartphone and tablet computer users in the country.

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