Professional translation news: Ericsson signs three-year contract for services in China

Customers in five Chinese cities are set to benefit from telecommunications services from Ericsson – which is headquartered in Sweden – in a move that may have required professional translation, particularly if the brand sought to protect its integrity in the new market.

Ericsson and China Unicom will collaborate for three years with a view to improving the network and transmission to its subscribers in the Anhui province.

Li Chao, general manager of Anhui Unicom, said: "We believe that Ericsson will … help us improve our network efficiency, lower operational costs and fulfil our commitment to the consumers."

Indeed, Mats Olsson, president of Ericsson China and north-east Asia, added that the joint venture will "set a benchmark" in providing its services to the region.

Meanwhile, the Swedish brand has also announced it will deliver a radio access network in Japan with a view to hosting enhanced content to smartphone and tablet computer users in the country.

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International News

LinkedIn connects with China in launch of new Chinese language site

LinkedIn, the professional social networking site, launched a Chinese language version of its website yesterday (24 February) in a move to boost its growth in the country.

The low key announcement came via a blog post on the site, in which the company said the beta version of the website would offer a more localised service. Read more…

Posted on April 11, 2014
by InterNatter


Samsung updates ChatON app to multi-platform, multi-language

Samsung’s ChatON messaging app has broken free of its fetters to the brand and gone cross-platform. While users will now be able to access the service on all platforms and devices, ChatON will really stand out for being one of first instant messaging apps to let people chat in multiple languages and translate on the go.

“We believe there is a proliferation of chat apps because no one app is able to satisfy the  needs of all users,” Tarun Malik, director of Samsung’s Media Solutions Centre (South West Asia). So the new ChatOn version 3.5 is anything but a plain vanilla chat app. For instance, it tries to be a P2P sharing solution by offering up to 1GB file sharing and it tries to be a broadcast medium by adding up to 1001 members in group chat. It also wants to be a full-fledged social networking platform like most of the other large IM platforms. After all, ChatON too claims over 200 million subscribers globally, even before opening up to devices that have not been made by Samsung.

While people will now be able to download the app on all smartphones, Malik is clear that the best experience will undoubtedly be on a Samsung phone. “A multi-platform solution is to the benefit of the end-user.  But we realised that only Samsung can drive that kind of scale,” Malik said, adding that the idea was to be closed to the consumer and his needs.

There is a lot to look forward for users. For instance, this will be the first app to feature English-to-Hindi and Hindi-to-English instant translation feature and allows local language translation feature for incoming messages in 14 languages. Plus, there is lots of content in the form of localised channels. There will be listing of locally relevant deals and discounts.

However, the challenge for Samsung will be to get people who are hooked to other IM solutions like Whatsapp to shift to their app. The success of IM apps are dependent on whether the person you want to chat with is also on the same platform.



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Language News

Google Translate now makes it easier for you to edit and improve translations

Google has introduced, or is at least trailing, a new feature that makes it easier for users to edit results in Google Translate.

As the unofficial Google Operating System blog notes, there’s now an ‘Improve This Translation’ button in the results pane that lets you edit the entire outcome. When you click this, and make your edit, a message reads: “Your contribution will be used to improve translation quality and may be shown to users anonymously.” Read more…

Posted on April 16, 2014
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