Language translator may have overseen China-UK agreement

An agreement between Rolls Royce and China Eastern Airlines that was overseen by prime minister David Cameron may also have been witnessed by a language translator.

The contract will see the UK manufacturer deliver 700 aeroplane engines to the Asian enterprise and is said to be worth £750 million for the British brand.

Business secretary Vince Cable said: "Bilateral trade and investment is growing but there is scope for much more. Exporting is important for UK growth and UK jobs."

The discussions came ahead of a further delegation to China that will see energy secretary Chris Huhne, chancellor George Osborne and education secretary Michael Gove head to the Asian nation with a view to fostering further links between it and the UK.

Meanwhile, consumers in China can be certain any whisky advertised as scotch actually comes from the country as a result of Geographical Indication of Origin legislation that has recently been introduced.

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