Interpreting news: US manufacturer agrees Chinese contract

A two-year agreement to manufacture and supply green products to an enterprise in China has been signed by California-based LDK Solar in a move that may have benefited from a professional interpreting service.

The contract is worth approximately $300 million (£188 million) and the Chinese BYD Company is expected to receive the items on a monthly basis from January 2011 until the end of 2012.

"This agreement is a testament to the success of LDK's polysilicon facilities and our ability to provide customers with quality PV products that can help them achieve their business goals," explained Xiaofeng Peng, chairman and chief executive officer of LDK Solar.

News of this venture follows the announcement that the US enterprise will also deliver PV products to H Power, which is based in the Czech Republic.

What's more, a module supply has also been arranged as part of the transaction and 84 mw of solar modules will be delivered throughout the course of next year.

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